Christmas Ornament Bow With Name

I decided to make some custom Christmas Ornaments with Sophie’s (our pigeon) name on/in it.

I however did not stop there and decided to make a lot more of them with names of our friends, family and Sophie’s online friend at her X page and her Instagram

There are currently three designs, one with a bow (this one), the Classic Ornament and the Dog Themed Ornament.

Bellow in the information you can find the list of names included in this single download.

NOTE: There is also a blank ornament without name included so that you can edit it and add your own name (or your pet’s name)

Download Size: 13MB


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If you can click one of the names bellow, it means that it’s an (online) Bird friend of Sophie

On Sophie’s project page here for these ornaments you can find some basic additional information on how to edit them (add your own name), and how you can order your own 3D printed files online if you don’t have a printer. I’m currently assuming if you’re on my page (instead of Sophie’s page), that you are already ‘into 3D printing and TinkerCad for example, and that you don’t need that ‘basic information here’ 😉 The included readme.txt in the zip file also contains some basic information about this though.

Do note that lots of these names are bird/pet names!

The Names in the Christmas Ornaments with Bow

Boepie (Instagram)
Charlie (Instagram)
Dee (Instagram)
Emma (X – Emma  and Ezra)
Gimli (X – Mellow And Gimli)
Gracie (X – Oliver and Gracie)
HP (X – MyWiseEyes1)
Jupiter (Instagram – Ziggys Loft)
Kiwi (X – Niko The Budgie)
Ladybug (X – Sub-Zero)
Masha (X)
Paya (Instagram)
Pepper (X) / Pepper (Instagram –
Philippa (X)
Pippa (X – the short/friends name of Philippa)
Sophie (My name of course 😉 )
Sunny (X – Niko The Budgie)
Wendy (X)
Yuca (Instagram YucaBirb)

3D Printing Information

Recommended Layerheight: 0.2mm
Adhesion: Brim
Orientation: As in file
Recommended Material: PLA
Estimated Print Time: About 2 hours and 35 minutes average
Estimated Required Filament: About 4.5m average

NOTE: The print time and required filament are depending on the name in the ornament, on average its about 2 hours and 35 minutes for each ornament

Additional 3D Printing tip
If you want to paint them, then I would recommend you to print them in PLA White. Simply because this (most of the time) gives the best color results when you paint them.

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