Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1

This is a link to the official download page of the XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1

Some of our legacy (and even recent) projects and/or products (still) use the XNA Framework to utilize Xbox (360 and One) controllers in our applications, games and even drivers.

Currently these redistributables are still being offered by Microsoft itself, and thus you should download them from their website


Download from Microsoft


Some of our projects use the XNA Framework so we can make use of Xbox (360 and one) controller in a very easy, fast and reliable way. The XNA Framework was originally designed to provide an ‘easy’ way to develop (lightweight) games for the Xbox 360 and is (easily put) based on the .NET Compact Framework. More detailed information about the Microsoft XNA Framework can be found on the Wiki page here

Yes, we are aware that there are other (and sometimes even better?) methods to utilize Xbox controllers with Windows, but we just like the simplicity of this framework, the implementation in .NET, the stability and above all: We are ‘creatures of habit’ 😉

If for any reason these downloads will ever go offline, and they are still needed for some of our projects and/or products, we will then make sure that we will upload them on our own website as a ‘back-up mirror’. However, for the time being this does not seem to be needed and you can just use the button to download them directly from the Microsoft website.